Everything online gives me a headache

Last week over the phone, my colleague with whom we had both lost our jobs in 2020 due to the Covid-9 pandemic rang me. Her excitement over the phone on how she had a breakthrough working online and got her first pay really got me. She mentioned how people were working online and raking big monies without breaking a sweat.

This news threw me off balance. My heart started racing and I couldn’t wait for her to hang up. I quickly jumped on my feet, pacing up and down, I started forecasting how possibly I am going to immediately start applying her tricks and do better than her. Make a few coins as well.

The past few months, things had been so tough. I had pending bills and rent arrears that I had no clue how I was going to pay. I have always believed that I am a very hardworking person, whether I am a smart working person, I have no idea.

I set out on my online job hunting but before this, I decided to list out all my expectations versus a to-do list. I realized I had a lot to accomplish within a short span of time.

I opened a new tab on my browser and searched on YouTube “How to start working online”, I skim through my search results and click on a video of a young beautiful white lady. Her videos look high end and in no way can I relate her routine to my African life.

I scroll down through my search results and hope that a lady like me, in Nairobi has a video on YouTube explaining my predicament. Unfortunately not! I decide to use google search, the results are numerous and I can’t seem to decide on which one to open and read. so I decided to skim through and hope to pick a few ideas from the search results without opening any specific ones.

I open a new tab on my browser and start signing up from the first remote jobs website she referred me to…

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